Ruben Serenos Insulation Inc has been serving Round Lake and the greater Lake County area since 2009. We are a premier insulation contracting company serving both your residential and commercial insulation needs. From spray foam insulation to cellulose to fiberglass insulation, we’ve got you covered. For all your insulation needs, Ruben Serenos Insulation Inc is ready to help. Admittedly, insulation might not be the most stimulating of topics for homeowners and business owners but the fact remains, heating and cooling account for roughly half of the energy used in the average home and business. That’s why the team at Ruben Serenos Insulation will ensure you understand the unique benefits of each form of insulation and spare you the technical jargon and industry terminology (unless of course you’re interested, in which case—let’s talk shop)! Our team knows what’s important and that includes saving you money and ensuring you’re comfortable, the two main functions of proper insulation.

Proper insulation helps maintain comfortable temperatures throughout your home or office building—but it does a lot more than that. If you don’t have sufficient insulation, it’s true, you might just be paying entirely too much for your monthly heating or cooling bills. Ruben Serenos Insulation can get you major savings and provide for complete protections. By using the right product with proper installation techniques and equipment, insulation serves to fill wall cavities and seal around any wires, electrical boxes, or pipes. It’s also able to completely fill attic spaces so that there’s less waste, more affordable utility bills, zero moisture, and optimal thermal performance. Ideally, insulation is installed during new construction or remodels, but if you’ve turned your furnace on and turned your thermostat up, and still simply are not getting the heating or cooling results you expect, contact the team at Ruben Serenos Insulation. We’ll get you the savings, energy-efficiency, and comfort you deserve.